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Theatre at home

Our curators have assembled the best online theatre tips

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Perhaps you can't get on your bike to visit your local theatre these days, but many makers, theatres and companies are still working hard! If you would like to continue watching theatre performances, you can do so through these registrations and online initiatives. Get comfy and don't forget to applaud them afterwards.
Selected by: Daniël Kieft, Theatre curator

We have been following these theatre companies closely, so you have probably seen them on our programme before. Due to the measures taken in regard to the corona virus they are unable to perform in front of a full house, but fortunately that does not mean that we cannot watch their awesome performances anymore.

On-demand platform Theaterflix makes video registrations of theatre performances to make them widely accessible. In their collection you can find Groots en Meeslepend by Steef de Jong, We hadden liefde, We hadden wapens by Urban Myth and Paradijs by De Warme Winkel, amongst others.

Dood Paard
Theatre collective Dood Paard has a beautiful online archive packed with performances and interesting conversations around the shows.

Orkater & Chill
Amsterdam music theatre company Orkater is uploading a performance from their archives every day at 15:00 to Orkater & Chill. If you missed the performance that was on We Are Public’s programme, this is your chance!

De Theatertroep
The new show MOT by De Theatertroep and De Dansers was listed on We Are Public’s programme for the upcoming few weeks. To ease the pain of missing out, you can watch several of their previous performances on their own online channel.

Het Paradijs
The makers of Collectief Het Paradijs are creating a series from Theater Bellevue, Berichten uit de bunker (Messages from the bunker), and will post a new episode every day.

Theaterkrant & De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek
The Theaterkrant is posting online interviews with theatre makers who can’t perform right now every day under the series Niet opFinished all their articles? There’s more to read at De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek: 650 (!) freely available scripts, to be precise.

Festival Cement
Festival Cement, the festival for young makers, was going to take place from 20 to 28 March in Den Bosch. We had selected so many cool programmes that unfortunately have been cancelled. However, keep your chin up! They are hosting an online version of the festival under the titel Festival Cement in Isolement!

Toen wij de tijd hadden
Something else fun to watch is the new online drama serie Toen wij de tijd hadden (When we had the time) by theatre company De Vandalen from Leuven, Belgium. Interesting fact: the whole series is created entirely from home! Not too long ago, director and actor Elène Zuidmeer was listed on the We Are Public programme with Are You Famous Around Here?

Toneelschuur Productions
Many of you will remember the hit of the season Weg met Eddy Bellegueule as if it took place yesterday, as the play was still touring around The Netherlands during the last few months. Luckily, we can still enjoy the play’s amazing soundtrack.

Declaration of love
Nicole Beutler Projects is sharing the video registration of their beautiful show Liefdesverklaring (Declaration of Love), based on Peter Handke’s controversial play Publikumsbeschimpfung, on their Vimeo channel.

Stop Acting Now!
Stop Acting Now!, a film about the frantic efforts of Wunderbaum actors to radically change the world, is now available online. 

Nineties Productions & Touki Delphine
The adventurous theatre rockstars of Nineties Productions and Touki Delphine collaborated with indie folk band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to create Billy The Kid, a musical investigation of the truth in a world where capitalised tweets seem to reign above facts.

Roadtrip past Europese theaters has made an excellent overview of video registrations by large European theatres that are definitely worth looking up. It’s nice to see what is hitting the stage in other countries, and as an added bonus, you can practice your language skills!

This list will be supplemented with new tips over time.

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