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A worthy addition to the The Hague's offerings with films that never disappoint.
Selected by: David Veneman, Visual art ambassador

New Wave film about a mysterious disappearance

From Hollywood popcorn flicks to experimental arthouse, the WYSIWYG film nights serve up a wealth of divergent cinematic experience. Tonight, WYSIWYG celebrate their two-year anniversary and to mark the occasion they’re hosting not one but two special screening evenings. Theme of this special edition is the mysterious, beautiful and occult sides of nature. As an added bonus, artist and designer Anne Kranenborg will transform the viewing experience, omitting the usual velvet seats, to further strengthen the experience of the films.

First up is Peter Weir’s 1975 Australian New Wave film, Picnic at Hanging Rock. This adaptation of the novel of the same name is set on Valentine’s Day in 1900. On a school trip to the Hanging Rock nature reserve, several girls disappear under mysterious circumstances. The film zeroes in on the consequences of the disappearance, but is more interested in asking questions than seeking for answers.

Sunday 1 July features a screening of Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal.

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