Frequently Asked Questions about HKU Culture Pass

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What is the HKU Culture Pass?
The HKU Culture Pass is an initiative of HKU, powered by cultural platform We Are Public. The pass gives all HKU students unlimited access to a curated selection of art and culture in Utrecht & 11 other Dutch cities. For free.

Every day there are fantastic performances, concerts, films and expositions on show by new and upcoming artists all over the country. Artists who have also finished their art degree and are now translating that into inspiring programmes for you to visit.

Where can I go with the HKU Culture Pass?
The HKU Culture Pass offers free access to more than 60 cultural programmes per month in Utrecht, and about 400 throughout the entire country. The programmes are enticing and adventurous. It focusses on new artists in every discipline you can imagine: fine art, theater, film, photography, music and much more.

Who is the HKU Culture Pass for?
All HKU students can claim a free HKU Culture Pass, regardless of their study year or school. The pass is valid for all registered students.

How do I sign up for the HKU Culture Pass?
You can sign up for the HKU Culture Pass here.

Who curates the HKU Culture Pass programme?
The HKU Culture Pass programme is created by We Are Public’s Curators. These Curators are experts in various cultural disciplines. They do get a little help from a student team of HKU Curators. The HKU Curators handpick programmes for and by students.

Do you also have a great idea for a programme? Get in touch with us at

When will I receive my HKU Culture Pass after subscribing?
Once you’ve claimed your HKU Culture Pass, you will receive an email with a barcode that will give you direct access to all We Are Public events. You can find the barcode in your online profile, so it’s always at hand. Your pass will be delivered to you within ten working days. Please note: not all venues can scan our digital barcodes, so make sure you always have your pass on you when you head out!

Where can I find the entire selection of events?
You can find our full programme at You will also receive a programme update in your inbox every 2 weeks.

How does the HKU Culture Pass work?
For most We Are Public events you can collect a ticket at the venue’s box office on the day of the event. Remember to show them your HKU Culture Pass and a valid ID. A reservation or online ticket purchase is occasionally possible. Per event and venue it varies how you can get a ticket. Find the relevant ticket information on the programme page by clicking the button ‘Ticket Info’ when you are logged in.

What happens when a performance is sold out?
We expect members to access We Are Public events without complications. There is, however, the chance that a performance sells out and that students with a HKU Culture Pass will no longer be able to get in. Fortunately, there are at least 60 other monthly events your pass will allow you to attend and chances are there will be another fantastic concert, film screening or performance on the same night.
If we know in advance that a programme is sold out, we’ll announce it on our website. So make sure to always check our website.

Is my HKU Culture Pass strictly for personal use?
Yes. Your HKU Culture Pass is personal and can only be used by the person whose name is on the card. Venues may ask you to show your ID in addition to your HKU Culture Pass.

Can I bring someone along on my HKU Culture Pass?
It is not possible to bring someone along on your HKU Culture Pass. If you want to be seated next to a non-member, it differs per venue and programme whether that’s possible.

HKU students can claim their HKU Culture Pass at any time. If your fellow students haven’t yet, now would be a good time to remind them!

Is the person you want to bring not a HKU student? Then log in to and invite your best friend, neighbor or grandfather for a free month of We Are Public. Read here how the Friend Service works.

I’ve lost my HKU Culture Pass
If your HKU Culture Pass is lost, damaged or stolen, let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to

I’ve put my studies on hold, what do I do?
You can pause your HKU Culture Pass at any time. Click here to stop your membership. If you are no longer a student, you can apply for a regular We Are Public membership here.

What happens to my membership after I graduate?
You can convert your HKU Culture Pass into a regular (paid) We Are Public membership. Your We Are Public membership will take effect once your HKU Culture Pass has expired. You will then receive a new We Are Public pass.

What is the difference between the HKU Culture Pass and the Theaterpas?

  • The HKU Culture Pass is a free pass that gives HKU students access to a sharply curated selection of art and culture. HKU offers the HKU Culture Pass in collaboration with cultural platform We Are Public. The We Are Public programme consists of exhibitions, festivals, concerts, films and much more.
  • The HKU Theaterpas costs a fixed amount per year and gives access to various (theatre) performances. The pass is intended for theater students for which it is mandatory to attend numerous performances in the year, as part of their curriculum. Other HKU students can not claim this pass.

About We Are Public

What type of organisation is We Are Public?
We Are Public was initiated by De Nieuwe Cultuur Stichting. We are a cultural ANBI, which means we are fully committed to our social mission rather than profit.

Who are the brains behind We Are Public?
We Are Public was founded by Bas Morsch (HKU-alumnus) and Leon Caren. Having set up the independent music platform Subbacultcha together, they now aspire to bridge the gap and connect the cultural sector through We Are Public.

We (and you) Are Public
Keep us updated on your experiences, both the good and the bad. This is a unique and new concept and we’re evolving and improving it all the time. Refinement requires the perspective of our members, so feedback is essential! Contact us at

Where can I find more information?
If you want to know more, read our Terms & Conditions HKU Culture Pass and/or our Privacystatement HKU Culture Pass.

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