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Festival season 2022

Published 20 May 2022 at 15:54 by Meghan

Going out the door without a jacket and soaking up some sunshine with your socks in sandals – it’s all possible again. Which is why we will be guiding you to the best festivals of this summer in this blog. Enjoy the stunning opera at the O. Festival in Rotterdam or meet innovative new makers at the Delft Fringe Festival after work or at the weekend. Celebrate the summer!


19 – 29 MAY | India Dans Festival

India Dance Festival is a place of coming together, connecting, being inspired and inspiring. With a live festival in Korzo theatre and a diverse online programme, the festival knows like no other how to give the audience a fresh look at the future of dance. On 27 May in The Hague, go and see Purnima Gobardhan for an extraordinary dance based on Indian movement language and martial arts.

Keep an eye on the programme page for all new performances and dates.

20 – 29 MAY | O. Festival

Opera dusty, you say? Certainly not! At the O. Festival, you will discover new and exciting opera forms as well as theatre, dance, music and many previously untold stories, both domestic and international. The city of Rotterdam is the festival location and – with its 170 nationalities – an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

You can see performances at both well-known locations and more hidden places, and with your We Are Public pass you don’t have to miss a thing. Curator Roos Wonders recommends The world is as you are by MAAS theatre and dance in collaboration with REINDIER, at the beautiful Buitenplaats Brienenoord, but be sure to check out the rest of the programme here!

2 – 12 JUN | Delft Fringe Festival

DANCING. SINGING. CABARET. You will experience it all in Delft at Fringe Festival. This cultural gem is unique in the theatre world, with an overwhelming group of young makers who gather in the charming city of Delft every year. Cycle, walk or sail from performance to performance and become part of the performing arts that fill the city centre!

10 – 12 JUN | Poetry International Festival

The 52nd Poetry International Festival Rotterdam. Three days of beautiful poetry from all over the world with this year’s theme ‘The BODY as/in/of/ POETRY. Head to to an evening programme with experimental poetry by a new generation of word artists on Friday 10 June. And psst… Besides the many readings you will see special programmes in collaboration with the dancers of Amenti Theatre Company, literary platform Mooie Woorden and the Poetsclub. And don’t miss the Afterparty!

16 – 19 JUN | Winternachten Festival

“Whose house is this? Whose night keeps out the light in here? Say, who owns this house? It’s not mine. I dreamed another, sweeter, brighter with a view of lakes crossed in painted boats; of fields wide as arms open for me. This house is strange. Its shadows lie. Say, tell me, why does its lock fit my key?”

Winternachten Festival takes the above opening sentences from the book Home by American writer Toni Morrison as the basis for this year’s motto. With this theme, the well-known literature festival explores where you feel at home, where you are at home, and what the home of our society means to you as a metaphor.

Whose House is This? is here to offer a weekend of inspiring conversations and encounters between writers and artists from The Netherlands and abroad. 16-19 June at various locations in The Hague!

8 – 19 JUN | FIBER Festival

FIBER Festival is back! With a smashing programme, a great list of makers and an abrasive theme, they take you through the theme of Mutation. Visit Amsterdam in the weekend of 16-19 June to experience this festival in all its pomp and splendour.

Keep an eye on the programme page for all new performances and dates.

25 JUN | Grounded Festival

Sustainability goes beyond not eating meat and going plastic-free, it requires reforming social and ecological systems. That is why the Grounded community stimulates much-needed connection, creativity and action, and why they invite everyone to help build a liveable future. Want to join? You can do so on 25 June during the Grounded Festival near Utrecht: a whole day of music, art, workshops and food, completely harmless to the planet!

22 – 26 JUN | Cinedans FEST ’22

Cinedans FEST ‘22 is already the 18th edition (!) of this wonderful festival. This year they are collaborating with dancescreen to present the best and newest international dance film shorts and performance relays. Find established and young creators at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam during the weekend of 22 to 26 June, and on the Cinedans Online Hub until 1 July.

3 – 26 JUN | Holland Festival

75 years of Holland Festival! The whole month of June, Amsterdam will be filled with theatre, music, dance, opera and music theatre. The festival does not shy away from disciplinary crossovers and you will see exceptional performances of the highest standards from all over the world.

Keep an eye on the programme page for all new performances and dates.

25 JUN – 10 JUL | Festival Tweetakt

This summer, immerse yourself in an adventurous programme filled with music, theatre, dance, visual arts during Festival Tweetakt. The programme guarantees an exciting mix of new and more well-known productions. Be surprised by a rap opera made by HKU students, a workshop by DE STEM VAN JONGEREN UIT KRACHTWIJKEN and the Zelfloket by Theatre Artemis. 

Keep an eye on the programme page for all new performances and dates.

2 & 3 JUL | Loeren Festival

The best of (young) Dutch talent can be found at Loeren Festival. During this anniversary edition, you will find yourself as usual on 3 July in the beautiful cherry orchard of farmer Vernooij. From RONDÉ to Douwe Bob and from Firma Frictie to Theatergroep Splinter, there will be plenty of music and theatre. Enjoy, dance and end the day with a spin on the merry-go-round!


Some festivals apply additional charges or just a discount on the ticket price. Check the latest ticket information and whether you need to make a reservation beforehand. Also check the programme page to see on which day you can visit the festival with your We Are Public pass!

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