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Forget the bad news

Published 23 Nov 2015 at 17:23 by We Are Public

We get it. You love us, but sometimes you can’t stand us. So many fantastic events with only one fleeting opportunity to see them. Enter Public Throwback, where we take a moment to look back at all the things that have crossed our paths.


During the Metro Movies film festival, the audience did not find themselves sitting on red velvet, but rather on recycled pallets. The location: Metro Station Bullewijk in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Did you miss the event, but want to know what that looked like? You’re in luck! There’s footage. The Dutch National Opera & Ballet does has red velvet seating, where you could witness four divergent ballets by Hans van Manen on 17 September. You want evidence? Take a look at this documentary. EYE shifted its metaphorical spotlights onto Michelangelo Antonioni this autumn. During our event Amsterdam is Public, we gathered at the exhibition dedicated to him and attended the screening of his film Professione: Reporter in September. A fan announced on Facebook that it took eleven days to capture one particular seven-minute long scene: “The wind was blowing so hard that it was almost impossible to hold the camera still.”



Two American literature giants were part of our programme in September, represented in the form of a performance in the Paradiso (T.C.Boyle) and a play (Raymond Carver). But in truth, you want to read the words of these men yourself (preferably curled up against a fireplace, or due to lack of fireplaces in your life, your radiator). Where do you find their writings, though? On We also jumped on a bus to Beetsterszwaag in September, where Kunsthuis SYB celebrated its fifteen years of existence (and we joined in). SYB not only gives the stage to artists, but also beginning art critics. Read the reviews written in the context of their writers programme on their website.



Audiobooks are hot right now. This autumn, you could listen to ‘Listen in the dark’ in De Brakke Grond, or talk about podcasts during The Future of Audio (an event that you can ironically watch footage of). Had you been there, you could’ve listened to Jonathan Mitchell talk, the man responsible for Sweden’s podcast The Truth. (More audio stories coming up on 6 December in ‘Korte Golf’.) Would you rather dance while you listen? Patti Smith’s Horses was tributed on 22 November during Classic Album Sundays. We’re Patti Smith fans, and we’d prefer to listen to Gloria. Do you dance and listen and find you have other senses you’d like to stimulate while doing so? Then we’d advise you to check out Tin Men and the Telephone. They performed in the Bimhuis in October, but you can check them out, now, on YouTube. Not only do they throw jazz, hip hop and contemporary classical music in their blender, their musical mix includes visuals and interactive apps too.



As our grand finale to our retrospective, we’d like to reflect on retrospectives. Dancing on the Edge Festival looked back with photographs, and so did Moving Futures. We did the same for Amsterdam Is Public. Besides images, they are also kind words, such as those in the Volkskrant about the John Adam’s Breaking News in The Concertgebouw. The four stars are nice, but what’s even nicer is their description of the 100+ Syrian refugees that were invited to the concert by Entree: “Before they left the venue hall, they leaned over the balconies to take selfies – wide smiling faces accompanied by music by The Concertgebouw Orchestra.”


The Twitter Philosopher @NeinQuarterly was cast in the limelight on 15 November in Felix in de Steigers. Follow him and read his daily wisdom such as: “Well, remember the good news: We’ll forget the bad news once the worse news arrives. Let’s hope it’s soon.”

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