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Head first

Published 24 Jun 2015 at 16:42 by Bas Morsch & Leon Caren

As part of the ‘Cultural Marketing Awards’, the annual Gouden Struis award seeks out the year’s very best marketing campaign within the cultural sector. We (alongside five other campaigns) were nominated for our kick off campaign, that targeted to and triumphed in rounding up 2,500 members to get our platform started.

The awards took place on 25 June and guess what? WE WON!

In the light of this milestone, we’d like to shine the spotlight on all the people and partners that have put their backs into helping us making We Are Public possible.

First and foremost Vandejong Creative Agency, together with which we developed the brand concept and who put a lot of hard work into making the very campaign we were nominated for a massive hit. Posters, films, bags, pamphlets, stickers, buttons; the whole face and strategy of We Are Public has sprung from Vandejong’s creative wells.

Next up is Centercom, who gave up way too much poster space for way too little money. Priceless. If you’ve seen our omnipresent posters plastered throughout the city at any point, Centercom are the ones that put them there.
We can’t forget a massive thanks to Robot Media for making our fantastic website.

There are plenty of founding, creative and media partners that deserve a shout out, including: 100% Halal (photography), Circus Family (animation), Joost de Nooy (site design), Gewadrupo (print), Inter Voice Over (studio), Barbara Sloessen (voice), Non-fiction (meta-vision), Schenk Studio (audio), Willem Aerts (video), Boomerang, CS digital, De Groene Amsterdammer, Flyerman, N8, Nice to know, Wetransfer, DMTW and SOLV (legal support), IFAA (accountants), Subbacultcha and Signify.

Without our financial partners, we would have never been able to make all of this happen: Rabobank, Expatcenter Amsterdam, AFK and stichting DOEN.

And last but not least – because they form the start and end of everything we do – all our marvellous volunteers and employees who joined us in diving head first into this adventure. Thanks!

Fun fact: after we managed to round up 2,500 cultural optimists, we all went out for a great dinner and all jumped right into the IJ. Head first!

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