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The hairy muse and best friend: artists and their pets, a productive relationship

Published 28 Apr 2016 at 12:17 by Inez de Coo

The première of Heart of a Dog, a film about the relationship between Laurie Anderson and her dog  Lolabelle, seemed like a good moment to take a look at how famous twentieth-century artists have found inspiration in their pets.

Chris Marker x Guillaime-en-Egypte

Pablo Picasso x Lump

Andy Warhol x Archie

David Hockney x Stanley & Boogie

Jackson Pollock x Gyp & Ahab

Georgia O’Keeffe x Bo

Frida Kahlo x Señor Xolotl


Ai Weiwei x his forty stray cats


From the 5th until the 11th of May it’s Heart of a Dog-week, you can visit the film Heart of a Dog in EYE


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