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Your HKU Culture Pass gives free access to an amazing selection of performances, concerts, movies and exhibitions in Utrecht and 11 other cities in the Netherlands. And the pass is free. It is part of your education.

What is The HKU Culture Pass?

Free for all HKU Students

  • Non-stop, free access to a curated selection of art and culture

  • In Utrecht and 11 other Dutch cities

  • Unlimited theatre, art, film, photography, music, festivals and more!

  • Off the beaten track, innovative, and with a focus on contemporary makers

  • The HKU Culture Pass is free for all HKU students

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  • The HKU Culture Pass is offered to you by HKU in collaboration with We Are Public

  • We Are Public is a nation-wide cultural membership

  • With your HKU Culture Pass you get everything We Are Public has to offer... and more!

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Discover amazing programmes that complement your education. Co-curated by HKU students.

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"After Corona, it is time to bring makers and audiences together again. The HKU Culture Pass is a perfect opportunity to do so"."

– Roos Neuteboom , student HKU Audiovisual Media


"I want to select creators who I think are great so I can show them to my fellow students."

– Maud Dekkers, student HKU Illustration


"By selecting, watching and listening, we are given the space to develop ourselves culturally as students."

– Dora Derks, student HKU Kunst & Economie

Claim your HKU Culture Pass and get non-stop access to the best performances, concerts, movies, exhibitions, festivals and more.

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