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If less is more, think about how much more more is!

Published 9 Sep 2015 at 15:54 by We Are Public

It’s called FoMO (or: fear of missing out). As a We Are Public member, you probably know this feeling all too well: it is physically impossible to attend all of our events. Public Throwback is here to help. We take a quick look at all of the great events that came by on our programme in the past months. Were you there? Great! Did you miss it? Don’t be sad, we’ll go through it again…



On 15 August we’re biking to the moon in Lab111. We saw Jeroen Krabbé debut against the backdrop of a free Amsterdam in the ‘60s. Did you miss the film? The dusted and polished up document has also been released on DVD. Get a taste for the sixties atmosphere with the scenes EYE put on YouTube: here, here and here. Foam Photography Museum also took the time this summer to look back at the ‘60s, with the exhibition Swinging Sixties London. On 19 August, a selected group of members were guided through the photo exhibition by curator Zippora Elders herself. Our social media guru Jan van Tienen pulled We Are Public member Arthur aside for this mini interview.


Turist (Force majeure) has already been labelled as one of this year’s best movies, but it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. Find our how director Ruben Östlund responded to that news this clip. (Spoiler: the video has been dubbed ‘Worst Man Cry Ever’.) A whole different type of film we saw this summer was The Bride of Frankenstein. We’ve heard that you want to try out this iconic look at home. Check this tutorial to find out how.



Arcam organised a number of campfire chats this summer at a remarkable location: the UrbanCampsite on IJburg – a temporary campsite with alternative sleeping accommodation built by designers, artists and architects. Look at the pictures and go: Ooh! Aah! But that’s not all. We have even more pictures. On 20 August, curator Bernke Klein Zandvoort guided a group of members through the collaborative exhibition Something Thrown in the Way of the Observer in Museum Van Loon. Our editor in chief, Basje Boer, joined them and took – you guessed it – pictures.


If less is more, think about how much more more is! This July, we had our spotlight burn brightly on the ZERO exhibition currently on show in the Stedelijk Museum, including a Public Insight. If you hadn’t had enough of ZERO by then, the Goethe Institut screened the documentary Stunde Null on 17 September; about the German artists that made up this avant-garde movement. On 30 August, we went to the Oude Kerk with a few members, to take a closer look at The Garden Which Is the Nearest to God. If you want to see more of Amsterdam’s oldest (and maybe prettiest) construction, Arcam has dedicated an entire exhibition to the church itself. The opening was on 17 September.



The summer never ends in the world of YouTube. Watch and listen to The Skatalites and a number of other great sixties ska artists from Jamaica in this unique archive.


EYE celebrated summer with the comedies of Woody Allen. Three of his films were featured in our programme, including his sharpest comedy from the ‘90s: Deconstructing Harry. We’d like to round things off with a protagonist Harry Block zinger, played by Allen himself: “I think you’re the opposite of a paranoid. I think you go around with the insane delusion that people like you.”

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