We Are Public continues to invest in arts and culture. Now more than ever!

In Art We Trust Fund

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This is how the In Art We Trust Fund works

The challenge

  • Cultural institutions are closed and extraordinary artists are forced to sit at home, without a stage and without an income

  • An unimaginable scenario has become reality, and we need to act now. The arts are essential, but also vulnerable

  • As a We Are Public member you pay € 18 a month to have access to a wide selection of concerts, shows, films and exhibitions, any given day of the week. That access has temporarily been taken away

  • That is why We Are Public will take a different course for now; your membership is an investment in the makers

So what can we do?

  • Every month our curators will select a number of makers

  • The main focus will be on independent makers that are heavily affected by the current situation. Makers that create amazing work and whom we will definitely include in our programme again when we can

  • The selection will be presented on our website. We will share their stories and why we think they are brilliant

  • As a We Are Public member you can heart a maker on our website. That way you can directly influence which maker you want to support (of course, heart as many as you like)

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