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In between parties

Published 6 Dec 2018 at 13:47 by We Are Public

Feel like you’ve spent enough time with your family? Have you visited enough museums, theatres and concert halls with your WAP pass this holiday? Or are you simply ready to become a couch potato at home? Whatever it may be, these tips will spruce up your festive season, and those days in between.

Our curators surfed the internet and explored various bookcases to see what’s available, and they’re really looking forward to days filled with…

Grab your favourite chair, settle down and get comfy because it’s time for: podcasts! One of our favourites is God, etc., written by Benjamin Nugent. “A beautiful, short story that’s perfect for the time between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s about a frat boy who encounters the divine. The amazing Jesse Eisenburg, known from The Social Network, reads to you.” – Marije. Or devour the podcast mini-series S-Town, a tip by Teddy Tops: “Fantastic story, get ready to binge-listen.”

You won’t get square eyes or have to listen to Christmas carols all the time (okay maybe softly in the background) because: books! Teddy tips The Hills by Matias Faldbakken. “Over the hills and far away. This is a book you won’t be able to put down for a second.” What would you rather be doing between Christmas and New Year’s anyway? For the real diehards, Tim tips Throwing Rock at the Google Bus by Douglas Rushkoff. “This is a wonderful analysis by Rushkoff of the socio-economic status quo where growth plays the leading role, even at the expense of everything else. It’s not an easy read, but definitely an essential piece of literature.” Seeking more inspiration? Leon always looks forward to the End-of-Year Book List by the New York Times, and in particular their section on fiction. There There by Tommy Orange was already my favourite of 2018, and the coming weeks I’ll tackle the rest.

Dark days call for dark music. Think: music by Patrick Watson, and in particular songs like Melody Noir & Meancolie. Or dream away as you listen to amazing lyrics by the Villagers from their album The Art of Pretending to Swim. Go on, let your mind wander. Add a raw edge to your Christmas experience this year with the Dutch album Wat een cirkel is by The Avonden. Leon Caren tips the song Cherish by Nina Simone. “I discovered this thanks to a playlist that Art Feynman created for Subbacultcha. Hadn’t heard it before, but it’s beautiful. A heart wrenching ode to love.”

Series that are worth binge-watching and a movie that will captivate you right until the end. An insanely fantastic story about a man and a woman, as something in their relationship that gets out of hand. Teddy is referring to Dr. Foster. Looking for a great series that is only one season long? Then watch River; it’s about a detective like we’ve never seen before. And a must see according to Leon is the latest movie by the Coen brothers. “The chapter with Tom Waits is unrivalled.”

For those who’d rather escape the house: have a look at our travel tips for the upcoming holidays!

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