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Our lockdown favourites

Published 17 Dec 2020 at 12:16 by We Are Public

‘’There is no place like home’’ has never been so relevant as it is now. The work-from-home diehards, holiday celebrating folks, seasoned Zoom students and art addicts are clung to their homes in this festive period. Our team will get you through the lockdown suffering and into the new year with a selection of our personal favourites:

To listen to

The best remedy to the quarantine -actually to all of the daily- grinds? Befriend your speakers! Leon recommends Julianna Barwicks’ latest release: this enchanting music journey is a whole tale on its own. To float the same boat Ben recommends River Without Banks by Leo Svirksy. ‘’Utmost intriguing and solely piano music by a unique composer. The soothing and open qualities match Christmas vibes perfectly.”

To counter this ambience we suggest Ashar Medina’s Boi. An EP bursting with raw Dutch hip-hop. Ashar is well known for being the writer of Mocro maffia and recently published his own book, De Neukpiet . Yes, that’s no typo. Boi is the book’s official soundtrack and according to Ben ‘’a satire presented as a graphic novel, hitting hard on the Black Pete delirium. Published by our favourite: Das Mag!


To watch

Curator Daniel is a big fan of the hand-drawn anime films by Studio Ghibli, of which some have recently become available on Netflix. The one you can’t miss? Without a doubt: My Neighbor Totoro by legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. ‘’It is suitable for all ages, a beautiful and lovingly narrated story’’. Since we are addressing anime we must also mention The Midnight Gospel. A space caster traverses trippy universes and engages in conversations on psychedelics, Buddhism and Aleister Crowley. Be mindful: despite its colourful appearance, this anime is really solely suitable to adults.

Netflix also provides another favourite: My Octopus Teacher by Pippa Ehrlich. A filmmaker tries to reach out to one specific octopus by diving into a lake every day and for a whole year. According to Inez it results into ‘’a miraculous documentary about the strong bond between an animal and a human being.”

Are black and white films back into fashion? Yes, if it’s up to Daphne. She recommends The Lighthouse. A black and white film with not so many dialogues, but still ‘’utmost exciting, thrilling and with extraordinary acting’’. Imagination and reality are interwoven: which one of the two men on the deserted island is the crazy one? The isolating feeling portrayed has never felt so acquainted, especially in current times.

To read

Once you open a book, you tend to forget all of the uncanny and turbulent things that surround you. A banging one for the shelves (because: neon pink cover!) is Confettiregen by Splinter Chabot. This is Wobie’s coming-of-age story and narrates his intense struggles of being perceived as ”different”. Not only is the book written exceptionally, but it is also an important narrative to call attention to. Welmoed suggests ILFU’s Buiten is niet bij te houden. The organisers of the literature festival compiled the words of 50 wordsmiths in a bundle, where each one of them tries to sketch today’s world in their own unique ways.

Our next tip is a book that moved Ben deeply: ‘’De Goede Immigrant’’ by Dipsaus Podcast. The book compiles contributions from various Dutch citizens with a migration background. Among them the personal story of Front Row maker Olave Nduwanje. It is ”an approachable and multifaceted book that makes you feel what it means to be categorized as ‘’the other’’ in the Netherlands.”

To get educated

Needing to drift away for a little while? Listen to these podcasts to empty your mind and simultaneously fill it with new inspiration. Go into a journey of envisioning the city of the future with Ansicht, Raum’s and Hard/Hoofd literary podcast. Each episode a writer guides you from a non-human perspective into a future world. Daniel suggests De zachte Kracht by Simon Heijmans. Listen to Simon’s research conversations as a preparation for his similarly named theatre performance. Addressing a very relevant topic in this corona era: adolescent loneliness. Another tip is Nice White Parents, suggested by Leon. What happens when high-educated white parents choose a public school? It’s a series on ‘’failing miserably when attempting to do good’’.

Another one you can’t miss is the episode ‘’Bijlmer’’ from City of the Future. This podcast has been recommended to us during a tour in The Black Archives. It’s a fascinating story everybody should become aware of since it exposes the Bijlmer’s often unknown history.

To scroll through

Looking for interesting accounts to gain some inspiration? Liz and Aranka are suggesting three pages that are worth following:

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Stay safe and hopefully, we can get together in the new year.


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