Are you considering to cancel your membership? 

Understandable. Simply put, you are currently paying for a membership that unfortunately is of no use to you at the moment. All theatres, concert halls, cinemas and other cultural venues and institutions have closed their doors to the public, which unfortunately means that all those beautiful programmes created by passionate makers will remain unseen for the time being. That reality also affects you as a We Are Public member. And of course, this is a great shame.

Not only because you will miss out on these programmes, but also because of the practical consequences. No audiences directly translates into no income for the cultural world. It’s that simple. And the same goes for us – we need you, as no members means no We Are Public.

That’s why we are presenting you the following three options:

1.     Remain a member, now especially!

We hope to convince you to keep your membership active. We really do need you. As an organisation, but also to help the Dutch cultural world. A considerable amount of the We Are Public membership fees goes directly to the makers and venues. Always. Regardless of whether there is a programme or whether there are any visitors. Your money will reach them when you attend an event, but also when you don’t. And when you think about it, that is a beautiful construction. This way we can collectively take responsibility for arts and culture, so we can fully immerse ourselves into the world of art again when this has all passed – and pass it will.

2.    Take a little break 

We can pause your membership. We will not collect any membership fees until cultural life is up and running again. You can choose this option through this form here. Other than that, we will take care of the rest. Your monthly direct debit will be cancelled immediately and once you can attend programmes again, we will automatically reactivate your membership.

3.     Cancel your membership

In order to cancel your membership, please complete the cancellation form. 

For now, we hope you will stay along for the bumpy ride and continue to support arts and culture with us. That would be brilliant.


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