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With your help, We Are Public has supported over 1,000 cultural organisations and creative art and cultural makers. Even if you don’t attend any events for a month, your membership enables you to invest in a healthy cultural sector. We Are Public is a non-profit foundation funded by members like you.

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With your membership fee we pay the artists and cultural organisations that are part of our programme. Together, we create an audience and generate more income for the cultural sector. Even if you do not attend any events for a month, know that your money is being well invested.

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– With We Are Public you invest in art and culture; in young makers and new talent.
– In return for your contribution, We Are Public provides you with free entrance to the best events in your city, selected by a passionate and expert team of curators. Concerts, exhibitions, performances and films – discover something new every day.
– Finding the city’s best events, artists and performances can take time. Now there’s a shortcut. We guide you to the finest selection of events on offer. Let yourself be surprised!


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– Enjoy culture together, invite your friends!
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