What is We Are Public?

We Are Public is the new art and culture community. Join us for €17 a month and get free access to an exciting selection of daily events at over 100 cultural venues across Amsterdam, The Hague, North Brabant, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft and Utrecht. Theatre, dance, music, film, opera, literature and visual arts, you name it. Hand-picked by our independent team of curators.

Not only do members get access to the best events on offer, members support art and culture. We invest your money directly into cultural organisations and the artistic makers themselves.

That way, we make great art possible, together.


We Are Public in short

We Are Public in short

Invest in culture

  • With We Are Public, you invest €17 a month in art and culture. In young artists and emerging talent.
  • We send you on adventures. You go more often. You discover events you wouldn't otherwise.
  • We pay the makers and cultural organisations for your visit. Together, we ensure that the artists get the audiences and support they deserve.

And get free access

  • To the best concerts, exhibitions, performances and films across Amsterdam, The Hague, Brabant, Leiden, Delft and Utrecht. With your We Are Public pass.
  • Over 150 unique events per month. 365 days a year.
  • Hand-picked by our zealous team of curators.
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What's on offer?

Steering clear of obvious choices, We Are Public offers a sharp selection of the most enterprising cultural events in Amsterdam, Den Haag, North Brabant, Leiden, Delft and Utrecht. Every month we select at least 50 events at over 400 renowned cultural venues. Find a few examples of upcoming events below.

Our curators

Each month our team of independent curators put together the We Are Public programme based on their expertise in dance, theatre, music and visual arts.

The team

We Are Public was founded by Bas Morsch and Leon Caren. Experiencing the need for a renewed approach to a cultural sector struggling under current times and recent subsidy cuts, they launched the platform on 1 September 2014. A grand experiment. So many organisations, so many members, so much art and culture. Plus, there’s nothing like it out there, anywhere in the world.

Whereas We Are Public now stands strong as a platform, it will always remain fundamentally experimental. We will continue to build and innovate. Together with our members.

We Are Public is now driven by a small team with a shared love for the arts and one common goal: ensuring that beautiful, progressive and adventurous art continues to be made. With more financial support and larger audiences.

From the very beginning, We Are Public founders Bas Morsch and Leon Caren had dreams of expanding their Amsterdam-based platform to different cities throughout Holland (and beyond).

Early 2017 marked the launch of We Are Public Brabant. 2000 art optimists supported us from day one, and as of 1 June 2017, We Are Public has been bringing art and audiences together in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Den Bosch, Breda and Helmond.

Leading the way for the Brabant team are head curator Teddy Tops and project leader Anne-Marijn Burgers. Teddy writes, curates events and works in marketing; she’s always looking for new ways for art and audiences to meet. Besides being Brabant’s project leader, Anne-Marijn is an established creative producer. Together with all-round superstar Andrea Wetzels, and support from the Amsterdam headquarters, the Brabant team offers members a strong selection of outstanding art and culture, winning over the hearts of Brabant’s enthusiastic art lovers.

From the very beginning, We Are Public founders Bas Morsch and Leon Caren had dreams of expanding their Amsterdam-based platform to different cities throughout Holland (and beyond).

Launching We Are Public in The Hague was the first step in making this dream a reality. Following a booming launch campaign in January 2017, The Hague became the second city that We Are Public members can visit to discover new art and culture.

The team in The Hague is led by Tim Terpstra. (Side note: did you know that The Hague and Den Haag are two names for the same city?) After years dedicated to the progressive festival and platform TodaysArt, Tim made the switch to become head curator of We Are Public Den Haag. Armed with a small team and support from the Amsterdam headquarters, Tim made magic happen and got We Are Public Den Haag off the ground.

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