Release #25 Gerri Jäger


My Armflap (2021), 5:45 min

Drummer and composer Gerri Jäger combines percussion with analogue synthesizers and effects pedals. The result: groundbreaking music that can’t be pigeonholed. Just for Release #25, Gerri shares his latest song ‘My Armflap’. The song will appear on his solo album, which will be released in 2022. We asked Gerri about his inspiration for this track. 

Hey Gerri, what was your inspiration for My Armflap?

My daughter’s baby armflaps. When she was six months old, she would often drop her arms flat on the table when she was happy. I heard all kinds of weird rhythms in it. If you listen to the song with that knowledge, you discover her (a)rhythmic naivety here and there.

I wrote this song at the end of 2018, when I had just become a father. A very special time: we were high on endorphins due to this phenomenon of ‘having a child’, but also overtired by sleep deprivation and a lack of living space in our mini house in Amsterdam Oost. This dualism can also be heard in the song: sweet chords clash and alternate with clunky, distorted and faltering drums. The outro is like a ‘lullaby’ – which doesn’t mean you fall asleep immediately.

Why did you choose to share this song with our members?

I think this song is going to be the hit of the album. Also, of all the compositions I’ve recorded so far, it was the most developed.

What are recurring elements in your work?

Recurring elements are distortion, 1/2 time grooves (slow tempos) and stumble grooves. And also combining accessible elements with experimental music, the layering of the music with a free interpretation of my compositions and playing with the expectations of the listener.

You can read more about Gerri on his website. His favourite music and sources of inspiration can be found here.

Music: Gerri Jäger
Audio mix, production & master: Sandor Caron
Pre-production & recording: Gijs van Klooster
Arrangement: Gerri Jäger & Gijs van Klooster
Photo: Lonneke van der Palen, click here for high-res
Supported by Performing Arts Fund NL


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