Enjoy culture together, invite your friends!

Catching a movie or visiting the theatre by yourself? Although it can be lovely to spend some time on your own, it’s also such fun to share a cultural experience with a friend. Are your friends not members yet? Not to worry!

Invite them to an event
Log in on the website and head over to wearepublic.nl/en/vriendendienst. Share your personal link through email or copy/paste the link and share via WhatsApp, Facebook or text message. Just make sure the link ends up with your favourite friend!

What will your friend get?
When you send the link, your friend will receive a special signup page. Through this page your friend will be able to get a free We Are Public pass for a month. If your friend enjoys the free month, we will have all the information we need to extend the membership. The membership can be cancelled at any time and you’ll be able to attend an event that very same evening!

Get out there!
After subscribing, we’ll send your friend a temporary barcode via email (so the two of you are ready to go right away) and a plastic card will arrive in a few days. We hope they enjoy their free trial month!

Did you know: invite 3 friends before 30 November successfully and win yourself an Art Tote Bag. Yes!

Click here and start inviting

We love hearing from you. Is there something you’ve noticed? Is there anything you would like to share? Do you need more information? Or would you just like to give us your opinion?

Send an email to info@wearepublic.nl

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