Terms and conditions

The price of a We Are Public membership is € 18,- a month, including VAT.

Membership card

  • Once you sign up, you will immediately receive an email with a barcode that you can use to get access to the entire We Are Public programme. Within ten working days after signing up, you will receive your official membership card.
  • Your We Are Public membership pass is personal and can only be used by the person whose name is on the card.


  • Find the complete We Are Public programme here www.wearepublic.nl/en/programma
  • Your membership pass will either provide you with free entrance or a discount. It does not, however, ensure you’ll be first in line or guarantee entrance (i.e. when an event is sold out or when the venue is full).
  • The method to reserve and purchase tickets varies per event. In certain cases, you will be able to purchase a ticket online with a discount code. In other cases, you will only be able to purchase a ticket on the day of the event, by presenting both your membership pass and identification. The website will always feature the most up-to-date information concerning the events. Be sure to keep an eye on the website.
  • In all cases: be on time, and bring your membership pass and identification with you. The venue staff reserves the right to ask you for your ID at all times. If you don’t bring your membership pass or ID to an event, you will not receive the discount.


  • The price of a We Are Public membership is € 18,- a month, including VAT.
  • New members to join We Are Pubic between 13 October and 30 November will get their first month for free
  • After the free month the following applies: the monthly fee will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account during every first week of the month.
  • After your first month of membership, you will pay 55 cents a day, with a maximum of € 18 euro that month. This fee will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account in the first week of the following month. Example: if you sign up on the 2nd of a month, you’ll pay € 17,45. If you sign up on the 29th, you’ll pay € 1,10.
  • Payment is only possible by direct debit (automatic withdrawal), and with a Dutch bank account.
  • If automatic withdrawal is refused by your bank, we will contact you about the failed payment. If you do not make the transfer within two weeks of this notification, we will try to withdraw two monthly fees at once in the following month. If the withdrawal has failed twice, we will put your membership on hold.
  • We Are Public is not responsible if you subscribe using somebody else’s bank account number. If you fill out an account number without the account owner knowing about it and/or approving of it, We Are Public will pass on your details to said bank.
  • We Are Public reserves the right to increase the membership fee. We will notify you at least a full calendar month in advance of any changes.
  • We Are Public reserves the right to deactivate a membership card if the fee hasn’t been received for two months in a row for whichever reason. The membership card is reactivated once the outstanding payment has been received.

Loss, damage or theft

  • If your membership card is lost, damaged or stolen, let us know immediately via info@wearepublic.nl. We will send you a new member card as soon as possible.
  • We Are Public will not reimburse the period without a membership card due to loss, damage or theft.

Cancelling your membership

  • The minimum membership period with We Are Public consists of 3 calendar months paid in full.
  • Your membership will be automatically renewed every month until you cancel your membership.
  • After the first three months, you can cancel your membership at any time. Click here to edit or cancel your membership.
  • The cancellation deadline for the following month is on the 15th of every month. If you cancel after the 15th you will still be a member during the following month; meaning we will withdraw € 18 from your bank account for that particular month.
  • If you cancel your membership on or before the 15th it will stay valid until the end of that month.
  • We Are Public can cancel a subscription with immediate effect if the subscriber has:
    – provided incorrect personal details
    – committed fraud in using the membership card
    – not adhered to the rules and terms and conditions of the visited venue
  • If you have signed up through one of our campaigns, terms and conditions may vary. The terms will have been sent to your email address.

Notification of change of personal details

  • It is your own responsibility to notify We Are Public of a change of address, bank details etc. If notified before the 15th of the month, the change will come into effect for the following month.
  • Personal details can be changed via your profile on the website, but changes in bank details (IBAN) must be communicated via email: contact info@wearepublic.nl.

Terms and conditions gift membership

Find the terms and conditions for our gift membership here.


Our address is:

We Are Public
Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 3
1056 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 737 1529

Privacy statement

We Are Public takes protecting your privacy seriously. We use our members’ and users’ personal information exclusively to provide the best possible service and we treat your information as confidential. For more information, read our Privacy Statement.

Register now and further questions

Use this link to sign up to We Are Public as a new member. Unfortunately, payment is only possible by direct debit (automatic withdrawal) with a Dutch bank account (IBAN). If you have any further questions about these terms and conditions, contact us at info@wearepublic.nl.

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