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We Are Public supports makers during the lockdown

Published 17 Jan 2022 at 09:00 by We Are Public

Until January 26, programmes were cancelled and makers were stuck at home. To be a freelancer in the cultural sector, this was – to put it mildly – not a pleasant situation. Which is why We Are Public gave financial support to five fantastic makers each week who were initially on our programme, but were now forced to stay at home. Five weeks. Five makers every week. Below, you can read who they are, and what they do.

Some good news: you’ll be seeing the Culture Care makers on our programme in the coming time. Have a look at the programme here!

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Culture Care supported…

Photo: Fenna Jensma

Keenan Mundane

Keenan Mundane is Wesley Fransen’s brand new hip-hop project. He previously made instrumental hip-hop under the name we.aselly. In the first lockdown in 2020, he decided to add vocals as well, and the rapper Keenan Mundane was born. Out of a certain urgency and love for hip-hop, he released his first mixtape in 2021: Treasures of the Mundane; written, produced and mixed entirely by himself. You may also know Wesley from the bubble-grunge band TAPE TOY; their debut album Honey, WTF was released in early 2022.

Keenan Mundane was originally on the We Are Public programme at Splendor.

Katarina Juričić

Installations by Katarina Juričić are a physical experience of space, light and colour. In a world in which we see, think and live in images, the images we encounter are increasingly digital: how is it that we accept these as ‘real’? Katarina takes this paradox as the starting point for her work, asking: how can photography visualise the mysterious concept of the human mind?

Katarina Juričić was originally on the We Are Public programme from 14 January at Nest, as part of How to Rest the Brave.

Photo: Dave Pelham

Yang Yang Cai

Yang Yang Cai is one of the greatest piano talents of her generation. She studied with leading piano teacher Jan Wijn for over ten years, and also studied at the conservatory in Amsterdam. Yang Yang draws inspiration from almost all art forms and from nature. Alongside her busy concert schedule, she paints, writes, composes and conducts. Yang Yang brings all these sources of inspiration together in a musical experience that stimulates all the senses. Her biggest goal: to show that music is a universal language that everyone understands. And, lucky us: as We Are Public’s classical music curator, Yang Yang selects the best concerts for our programme.

On 22 January, Yang Yang Cai was supposed to perform at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ as part of the Moonstruck programme.

LAVA | Burning Bridges

The raw dance performances by LAVA | Burning Bridges focus on physically and mentally strong women, as is the case in their latest production Furia (Spanish for ‘anger’).

You might remember the collective from when it was known as Jens van Daele | Burning Bridges. In 2021, artistic director Patricia van Deutekom made a new start as LAVA | Burning Bridges, together with the collective she had been assembling with Jens van Daele for 17 years. With Furia, Patricia pays tribute to Jens, her great love and inspiration, who died suddenly in 2020.

LAVA | Burning Bridges was originally on the We Are Public programme with Furia, on 25 January in Theater Bellevue.

Thomas, Sacha en Jos

Thomas, Sacha and Jos (Thomas van Ouwerkerk, Sacha Muller and Jos Nargy) make youthful performances for adults. Visual and linguistic material with a transparent acting style and a childlike energy. The performance Mijn Vader (My Father) is about a dreamy boy; an absurd, funny and moving story about missing a loved one. With text by Toon Tellegen and Steef de Jong as director, this performance is not for grown-ups or children only, but for everyone who believes in comforting fantasy.

Thomas, Sacha and Jos were originally on the We Are Public programme with Mijn Vader (My Father) on 25 January in Theater ins Blau.

Culture Care also supported…

Photo: Ruud Janssen

Annica Muller

Theatre maker Annica Muller blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality. In her solo performances, she takes you with her into her theatrical research and has you land in a twilight zone between performance, mime and textual theatre. In the performance Burning Butterfly XL, Annica tells stories from the nightlife of strip club La Luna, based on her own experiences and those of former colleagues from the striptease scene. What is real and what is fiction?

Annica Muller was originally on the We Are Public programme on 14 January with Burning Butterfly XL in Theater Kikker.

Children of the Light

Artist duo Children of the Light (Christopher Gabriel and Arnout Hulskamp) became known in the club scene with their moving, hypnotic art installations, with light as the primary source of art. Last year, they made the 25-metre long moving light artwork Between Light especially for the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. You could also see their installations at places like the Stedelijk Museum and TodaysArt, and in multidisciplinary performances with artists such as Philip Glass and Nicolas Jaar.

Children of the Light was originally on the We Are Public programme at Mu Hybrid Art House from 21 January onwards.

Robin Nimanong

The work of dance maker Robin Nimanong (he/she/they) is the ultimate mix of dance, movement and media. Robin’s performances are often made for and by the queer community, with themes such as identity, self-care and activism. Robin graduated from the Modern Theatre Dance programme in Amsterdam. He then danced with the Israeli dance company Batsheva and Nicole Beutler and made his own performances and dance films, including Aphrodisiac II (winner of THE NEXT BEST FRINGE AWARD 2020).

Robin Nimanong was originally on the We Are Public programme on 8 January at the Laundry Room, as a part of Freakydancing.

Photo: Bas de Brouwer

Vera Morina

Vera Morina writes scenarios, theatre texts and poetry, with themes such as origin, identity, sexuality and family. Her theatre debut is the Frascati production Volim te (I love you); a mix of science fiction and psychological drama about the war in former Yugoslavia. Before Volim te, she wrote texts for among others Theater Bellevue, de Toneelmakerij and wrote the scenario for the Oostpool podcast The Harvest (2021).

Vera Morina was originally on the We Are Public programme with Volim te at Theater Bellevue in January and February.

Flip Zonne Zuijderland

You may know Flip Zonne Zuijderland as an actor from the successful Dutch series Anne+. As a director, Flip made Selfmade Man for the Anne+ Foundation. A web series about the life of a young trans man, in which Flip was given the space to tell his own story. You may have also seen him as a performer with theatre group DOX and in the theatre with the performance Met Zonder Ballen.

Flip Zonne Zuijderland was originally on the We Are Public programme with Studio/Queer & Storytelling to talk about Selfmade Man in Studio/K on 13 December.

Benjamin Fro

The versatile “singer-songrapper” Benjamin Fro makes philosophical hip-hop and spoken word. With two albums and 400k streams on Spotify, Benjamin is well on his way to conquer the hip hop world, both at home and abroad. Before his breakthrough in the Netherlands, Benjamin was already on the charts in Poland. In his music, he combines critical lyrics with soulful beats, aiming to bring people and musical styles together.

Benjamin Fro was originally on the We Are Public programme, set for 9 January in Midwest, as a part of het Filosofisch Matinee.


Theatre collective BOG. makes abstract phenomena tangible. The collective has previously searched for ‘the light’ in the performance FIK, dissected our language (our most important instrument) in TAL and collaborated with Nineties Productions on Under Pressure, the ambitious performance about the omnipresent urge for personal growth. In the latest performance, BEN, the collective examines the concept of ‘identity’. Who are you to yourself and in the eyes of others? And are you ever just yourself?

BOG. was originally on the We Are Public programme, set for 12 January in Chassé.

Dunja Jocic

Serbian dancer and choreographer Dunja Jocic is conquering the Dutch dance world. She has danced with Club Guy & Roni and Connie Jansen Danst, among others, and has won several awards, including the BNG Bank Dance Award for Excellent Talent (2016) and the Nederlandse Dans Dagen Maastricht 2018.

Dunja’s latest performance De Panther is a multidisciplinary performance in which reality and the digital world merge. With this performance she won the VSCD Gouden Zwaan for most impressive dance production 2020-2021.

Dunja Jocic was originally on the We Are Public programme with De Panter in De Nieuwe Vorst, on 12 January.

Seppe Salomé

Director Seppe Salomé’s work is brimming with musicality, pop culture, drag, queerness and a random fascination with Greek mythology. The theatre maker combines all this into brand-new narrative forms and universes.

Seppe will graduate from the Toneelacademie Maastricht in 2022 with the play Een soort Hades. In this new version of the play (written by Lars Noren in 1995), 7 young actors highlight the importance of mental health in young people.

Seppe Salomé was originally on the We Are Public programme on 7 and 8 January with Een Nieuwe Hades in Zaal 3.

Raw Fish

Raw Fish is the musical baby of Danish jazz musician Teis Semey (guitar) and Italian Giovanni Iacovella (drums, electronics). The duo makes electro-acoustic avant-garde indie pop. With harmonious chords and bombastic drums, Teis and Giovanni take you on an epic journey through a world of contemporary music in all shapes and sizes.

Raw Fish was originally part of the We Are Public programme, on 16 January in De Ruimte.

Culture Care week 2

In the week of 3 – 7 January, we supported Boogaerdt/Van der Schoot, Nina de la Parra, Julian Edwardes, Katharine Dain and Zoutmus.

Boogaerdt/Van der Schoot

Suzan Boogaerdt and Bianca van der Schoot make expressive, physical, daring and visual installations on the cutting edge of theatre and visual art. In Fremdkörper, the audience becomes an essential part of the work by way of an invitation: enter the dormitory, step out of reality and make a ritual journey inside, to a dreamed reality.

Boogardt/van der Schoot was originally a part of the We Are Public programme with Fremdkörper Special until January 6 in MU Hybrid Art House.

Nina de la Parra

Performances by Nina de la Parra are razor-sharp, without any self-pity and fuelled by anger, with an added dose of humour. Nina was on the programme with Gods Wegen: a virtuoso autobiographical performance about her Christian class in school in Paramaribo, the colonial past of her Jewish-Sephardic ancestors, her experiences in Surinamese one-hour hotels, her talking vagina and her search for enlightenment with a winti priest.

Nina de la Parra was originally to be on with Gods Wegen as a part of the We Are Public programme, on 24 December in Carré.

Julian Edwardes

Julian Edwardes is a jack of many musical trades. His compositions are a mixture of jazz, electronica, hip-hop, minimalist music and post-rock. He studied at the Sandberg Institute and AKV|St. Joost in Breda and is inspired by Flying Lotus, Autechre, Tortoise, Four Tet and Radiohead, among others. With the help of algorithms, he uses his modular synthesizer to explore new musical concepts.

Julian Edwardes was originally to perform as a part of the We Are Public programme at Podium Ongehoorde Muziek on 30 December.

Katharine Dain

Dutch-American soprano Katharine Dain studied at Harvard University, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and Mannes College of Music in New York. In 2018, she received high praise for her role debut as Konstanze in Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail at the opera houses of Clermont-Ferrand, Avignon, Rouen, Massy and Reims.

Katharine Dain was originally to perform as a part of the We Are Public programme at the Paleiskerk in The Hague on 31 December.

Photo: Hans Boddeke


Zoutmus is always absurd, comical and musical. Zoutmus started more than 10 years ago in a container at the Over het IJ Festival. This was soon followed by two of their own shows The Unhappy Day and Half Crab/Half Winegum. The latest show Jungleprinter is another absurdist, pacy, musical, energetic show – and a workout for your funny bone.

Zoutmus was originally a part of the We Are Public programme with Jungleprinter on 30 and 31 December in Carré.


Culture Care week 1

In the week of 27 – 31 December, we supported Wensley Piqué, Duda Paiva Company, Marleen Hendrickx and Panama Pictures.

Wensley Piqué

Raw, humorous and energetic performer and puppeteer. His most recent performance GRANM’MA: a heartwarming puppet show and an ode to his grandmother in the last phase of her life.

Duda Paiva Company

Mix of urban dance and puppet theatre. With a recurring theme in their performances: the human body.

Marleen Hendrickx

Marleen Hendrickx tells stories of all sorts: as a theatre maker, performer, dancer and as an activist. In X Y WE, six people from 18 to 80 years old and from all parts of the country tell their story as an intersex person for the first time.

Panama Pictures

Physical dance theatre with live music on the crossroad of dance and circus. During performances of Panama Pictures you are constantly on the edge of your seat, with all your senses catered to.


Monday 3 January we announce the second group of makers we support with Culture Care.


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