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We just got back from NYC

Published 23 Jan 2015 at 13:55 by Daphne Prochowski

We just got back from NYC, rich with the realisation that there is nothing out there like We Are Public. We spoke during the ISPA congress [International Society of Performing Arts] about our new cultural membership and representatives from Australia to Zimbabwe were unswervingly enthusiastic about our concept. If we were to believe the rumours, we were “the talk of the town”.

In the right place at the right time. The world seems ready for We Are Public… But first, back to the reality of Amsterdam. We just started out and we’ve got a long way to go.

But what else did we learn in New York, other than that We Are Public is undoubtably a good idea?
– Never eat a vegetarian hamburger at Spitzers on Ludlow Street
– Definitely eat a vegetarian hamburger at Schnippers on 8th Avenue
– Looking at culture through the eyes of someone from Bali or Zimbabwe is refreshing
– Normal sized coffee cups at Schipol Airport are really tiny if you’ve just returned from the States
– A metro can stand still for 20 minutes without explanation
– You can endlessly talk about culture
– The Metropolitan Museum of Art is amazing
– Punk Alley in Brooklyn is too (including 4m2 stores)


– Times Square with a hangover is like an evil nightmare in which Mickey Mouse and Elmo keep trying to hug you
– The Mongolian Hotpot at restaurant Hangawi on East 32nd Street is a must
– The Shrimp Pad Thai at Amarin on Manhatten Ave. is Brooklyn is too
– And we haven’t even mentioning the Ethiopean ‘Feast’ at Bunna Cafe in Brooklyn
– You can haggle over the price of snow globes in Chinatown
– Music in cafes is always on too loud
– A glass of whiskey in the hotel bar of the Broadway Millenium Hotel costs €15
– “The gentrification of Williamsburg is a narrative” (quote from Todd Patrick. Iconic DIY organiser of independently produced concerts)
– In espresso bar Culture (72 West 38th Street) have the best chocolate cookies in all Manhattan
– There is smoke rising out of every nook and crack
– That and a million other things. Every day. 24/7.
– Wow!

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