Keren Rosenberg invites you to her inner world

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Keren Rosenberg is a performative artist, choreographer and the developer of the artistic and physical practice called Body – House. She’s currently artist-in-residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam, where she has been working on her ‘Emotional Porn’ dance video’s. Her work is raw, as Keren seeks to articulate a physical and socio-political gaze over the body and the environment it functions in. She approaches the physical body as a vessel that carries energy and vibrations, with skin functioning as a two way wall. Mediating between intimacy and the social world. Through all sorts of collaborations, she creates hybrid experiences between night-club setting and the conventional stage. Keren gives us a glimpse into her inner world and thought process: 

Pure energy

Growing up in the northern part of Israel in the 90s & early 2000s,  I experienced the sociopolitical borders and tensions with neighboring countries as well as the patriarchal structure of the female role in a society with high family values such as Israel. On the other hand, I enjoyed being immersed within the Punk-Rock scene and (illegal) outdoor rave culture, where I experienced endless freedom to be, to act, to rave and to riot. It was there I met my inspirations, a deep urge to expose the rawness of the body that is moving and rigorously sweating. A body that is stripped away from its gender, race, nationality and age down to its purest form of energy. It is these types of experiences I wish to create and share with audiences, with the artists I collaborate with and in the spaces I am creating with my work: the unattained reciprocal pure energy that we all carry within us, underneath all our socially constructed skins. My personal past is the trigger but also the universal human conditions we all share, no matter where we come from.


Margela. Research project for Going Primal. Live stream performance at the Body (UN)mute festival.

“I wish to create a temple for my spirit to emerge through the borders of my skin”

Going Primal

The contribution from In Art We Trust Fund gave us a bit more wings to fly with an ambitious project we are now deep in the process of setting called: Going Primal. Going Primal is an unapologetically raw punk-rave and shamanistic performance performed by 3 dancers. The live music is composed and performed by Dutch musician and visual artist Richard van Kruysdijk, and ultra-present bodies of light are created by Ate Jan van Kampen. It is a non-conventional space where audiences and performers share the same ecstatic tribal feeling while the performative environment is continuously shifting in around them.

In Art We Trust Fund

Keren is one of the makers that we support with our In Art We Trust Fund. To Find out more about Keren’s raw and physical work, head over to

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